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Dr Gindi is a renowned sculptor whose work has been exhibited globally – she uses the medium of bronze to depict the human nature in all of its facets. Known for her illuminative works, she occupies an unusual position - Dr Gindi is widely regarded as one of the most introspectively daring sculptors. In her latest work, ‘The Hill of Indulgence’, she examines the vital indulgence of human optimism. The happy-go-lucky figure veritably skips down the rock toward whatever depths await him. Does he represent the Fool or is there more to his story? He’s not blissfully ignorant, no. He is fully aware of the tragedies of life. Infinity urges us on, though, and from that vantage point we know that we have a choice to face the unknown with hope or fear. Hope is the radical choice, but for the brave, like Dr Gindi’s sculpture, it is the only option. Instagram: @gindisculptor
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On the Vital Indulgence of Human Optimism
11 months ago

On the Vital Indulgence of Human Optimism

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There is no one right way to move through life. Being the kinds of creatures we are, we encounter difficulty, grief, and excitement. Through all of it, we can shape …
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