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Marco Senatore (Genoa, Italy, 1975) graduated in Political Science at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. A civil servant, he has published a book of poems “La lente spirituale” (Il Filo, 2005), a novel “Facebook e le monadi” (Aracne, 2012) and a philosophy book “Exchanging Autonomy. Inner Motivations As Resources for Tackling the Crises of Our Times” (Xlibris, 2014). He has written articles for openDemocracy, Political Animal Magazine, Progressive Post and other platforms. He is also interested in spirituality, environmental issues and photography.
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Should We Create a Market for Values?
5 years ago

Should We Create a Market for Values?

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Nowadays, neoliberalism and populism are the two dominant narratives in the public discussion of social, political and economic issues. Even those who, in America and Europe, identify themselves as progressives, …
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