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Mieke Bal is a cultural theorist, critic, free-lance curator and video artist. She works on feminism, migratory culture, psychoanalysis, and the critique of capitalism. Her books include a trilogy on political art: "Endless Andness" (on abstraction) and "Thinking in Film" (on video installation), both 2013, "Of What One Cannot Speak" (2010, on sculpture) and A "Mieke Bal Reader" (2006). Her most recent film and installations, "Reasonable Doubt," on René Descartes and Queen Kristina, premiered in Kraków, Poland, on 23 April 2016 and was exhibited there and in Amsterdam in 2017.
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Dare to Doubt

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In view of the current madness of the world, I have been pondering what has happened to thinking, which seems replaced by screaming, or worse. Affirmations we must endorse are …
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